Dart Tools

A variety of tools are available for download, once you’re ready to move beyond DartPad.

SDK and Dartium

All development requires the Dart SDK. Dartium is optional but helpful for developing web apps.


If you don’t already have a favorite IDE, we recommend WebStorm, which comes with Dart support. You can also use a plugin to add Dart support to other JetBrains IDEs and to Eclipse.


If you prefer using a text editor, try one of these Dart plugins (which are unsupported and available as open source).

Command-line tools and Observatory

These tools are in the Dart SDK.

Standalone VM
Dart-to-JavaScript compiler
Static analyzer
API documentation generator
Profiler for Dart apps
Code formatter
Package and asset manager

This is not an exhaustive list of tools available for Dart development and does not reflect many fine tools developed by the Dart community.

Also see the Tools FAQ.

Curious about your generated JavaScript?

If you are compiling your Dart code to JavaScript with dart2js, the Dump-Info Visualizer can give you insight into what is going on behind the scenes. Use it to analyze the generated code and see why that code is included in your build.