Server-Side Dart

This page points to tools and documentation that can help you develop command-line and server-side apps.


Handy for both beginners and experts, DartPad lets you try out language features and dart:* APIs.
Dart SDK
Install the Dart SDK to get the core Dart libraries and tools.
More tools
The Dart Tools page links to generally useful tools, such as Dart plugins for your favorite IDE or editor.


You might find the following tutorials helpful.

Get Started
Shows how to write a basic Dart script.
gRPC Quickstart
Walks you through running and modifying a client-server example that uses the gRPC framework.
Write Command-Line Apps
Introduces dart:io and the args package.
Write HTTP Clients & Servers
Features dart:io and the http_server package.

More resources

Dart API
API reference for dart:* libraries.
A Tour of the dart:io Library
Shows how to use the major features of the dart:io library. You can use the dart:io library in command-line scripts, servers, and Flutter mobile apps.
Articles: Server-Side Dart
A collection of articles covering topics such as benchmarking, numeric computation, and SIMD.