See Dart

About 5 minutes

Dart is class based and object oriented, without being dogmatic.

See code

Write Dart

Under an hour

Follow this code lab to create a Dart web app, even if you've never written a web app before.

Write code

Dive deep

About 1 day

Dart has lots of tools, libraries, and documentation, plus a developer community.

Learn more

Dart runs in modern web browsers and on the server.

Dart is new, yet familiar

Dart’s comprehensive libraries give you lots of choices

Compilation to JavaScript lets you deploy Dart apps now

Dart is used to build amazing apps

See who else is using Dart.

Dart’s tools help you be productive

With DartPad, you can write and run simple Dart programs in your browser. Once you're ready to get serious, use whichever IDE or editor you like. Dart plugins exist for WebStorm, Sublime Text, and more.

screenshot of DartPad

Pub package manager

The easiest way to get and share Dart code, pub keeps your packages up to date, handling versioning and dependency.

Dev server

Automatically generate assets using pub’s development server.


Profile and debug your apps running in the Dart VM.


Experience zero-compile edit/refresh cycles. This build of Chromium includes the Dart VM.

Current stable version of Dart: [calculating]