Overview: Libraries

Dart programs rely on libraries. Several common libraries are provided for you. For example, dart:core provides a small but critical set of built-in functionality, such as numbers, collections, and strings. Another essential library is dart:async, which supports asynchronous programming with classes like Future and Stream. You can get additional libraries by importing them from packages.

Learn more about using, creating, and sharing Dart libraries and packages at the following links.

Tour of Dart Libraries

An introduction to the major features in Dart's core libraries.

Commonly Used Libraries

Useful libraries that you should know about.

Create Library Packages

How to create your own libraries.

Other resources

API reference
Futures and Error Handling
How to handle errors when writing asynchronous code.
Install Shared Packages
A beginner’s guide to installing packages and using their libraries in your code.
What Not to Commit
Which files, generated by your development tools, should not be committed to a code repo.
A tool for managing Dart packages.
Packages contributed by the Dart community.
Articles about libraries
API topics ranging from zones to streams to converters.