Get Started

Jump right in. Use the embedded DartPad below to play with Dart and to experience the language and core APIs. DartPad is a quick and easy way to become familiar with Dart language features. You can also open DartPad in a new window.

Note that DartPad supports only a few core libraries. If you want to use other libraries, such as dart:io or libraries from packages, you’ll need to install an SDK.

Ready for something more?

This website ( contains information about the fundamental Dart technologies:

But where do you go when you have a use case in mind?

    Use case Get started
Web Create an app that runs in any modern browser Dart webdev
Mobile Create an app from a single codebase that runs on both iOS and Android Flutter
Server Create a command-line app or server Dart VM

Helpful flowchart

flowchart showing how to learn Dart


If you’re looking for a more guided approach to learning Dart, we recommend you pick up one of the many books about Dart.


Check out the Dart samples.

Get help

There are a number of communities and platforms where you can ask, or answer, Dart-related questions. For a list, see Community and Support.