Get Started

Jump right in. Use the embedded DartPad below to play with Dart and to experience the language and core APIs. DartPad is a quick and easy way to become familiar with Dart language features (more info). You can also open DartPad in a new window.

Note that DartPad supports only a few core libraries. If you want to use other libraries, such as dart:io or libraries from packages, you’ll need to download platform-specific tools.

What next?

Learn about the Dart language and core libraries on this site. Once you have a use case in mind, go to the “get started” instructions for the appropriate Dart platform:

Platform   Use case Get started
Mobile Create an app from a single codebase that runs on both iOS and Android. Flutter
Web Create an app that runs in any modern browser. Dart for the web
Server Create a command-line tool or server. Server-side Dart

Here are some other resources: