Global — February 2014

Learn Dart and Angular, get your web development wings

Dart helps you build modern web apps with a new language, core libraries, and tools such as a package manager, editor, and a compiler to JavaScript. Use Angular with Dart for extra jet fuel.

Dart hit 1.0 and is now Flight Ready! Developer communities around the world are hosting Dart Flight School events during the month of February 2014. Learn Dart and Angular at your local event, or start one yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dart Flight Schools?

Dart Flight Schools are in-person, community run events to help developers learn Dart and Angular. They’ll be run by local Google Developer Groups or other developer meetups all over the world. Each event is a little different, but generally, a Dart Flight School can include a tech talk, code labs, or a hackathon.

Why are you guys doing this?

Dart launched 1.0 in November 2013, and the Dart and Chrome teams wanted to help developers all over the world try Dart. The Dart team wants to hear feedback from developers who never used Dart, and from developers that looked at Dart when it first launched.

How is Angular involved with this event series?

Angular has ported their popular framework to Dart, and has provided tutorials and examples.

I want to talk about this on social media, but can’t do that without the proper hashtag categorization. Help me.

Awesome! Please use #flydart.

I’d like to organize my own Flight School, do we have to do the events in February?

Not necessarily, but Google is planning to support and promote groups that run their event in February. You can run a Flight School any time, but you may not get first-class support.

I’d like to organize my own Flight School, how is Google supporting these events?

The Dart team will be providing instructional materials like slide decks and code labs. In the weeks leading up to February, the team will also host Hangouts on Air sessions for potential speakers to answer questions and explain the content. And of course, we’ll be sending awesome Dart swag to Flight School events. Depending on the resources at local offices, Google will also be hosting and directly sponsoring many events.

I’d like to organize my own Flight School, are there specific things we should be talking about?

Yes! Build mobile web apps should be at the top of your list. Other topics include: using Dart and Angular to build client-side apps, using Dart for your server-side app, and compiling Dart apps to JavaScript to run across the modern web.

I’d like to organize my own Flight School, when is the content going to be ready?

We’re planning on releasing the content as it’s completed mid-January. Stay up to date on the organizer mailing list (look for an invite) and Google+ community (look for an invite). You’ll receive invites to these forums if you fill out the form above.

How do I meet other Flight School organizers?

Organizers are invited to join a private Google+ community. You must sign up to run an event and provide a name that matches your Google+ identity.

I’m excited about learning Dart RIGHT NOW, and don’t want to wait for a Flight School, what should I do?

Check out the content that’s already available on You can also find other "Dartisans" on Google+ and ask questions in the Dartisan community. The team also regularly answers questions on StackOverflow.

I’d like to organize my own Flight School, how can I find Dart speakers in my area?

Contact your Google Developer Relations regional lead to get connected to local Dart Google Developer Experts. If you don’t know your regional lead, contact +Stephanie Liu. We'll also promote the event series in the Dart community, and will introduce potential speakers with organizers in their area. Of course, feel free to look for speakers inside of, and outside of, the local Dart community.

I’d like to organize my own Flight School, what do I have to do to request a Dart swag packet?

We're still working out the details, but we promise not to make you do any Herculean feats of strength.

Can Google help by sponsoring the event?

Venue, food, and other direct sponsorship will be handled at the local level. It will depend on local resource constraints and the specifics of your event. Please work with your Google regional lead. If you don't know who your regional lead is, please ping +Stephanie Liu.

Are the Flight School events official Google events?

Flight School events listed on this site are not official Google events. The Flight School events are produced by local developer communities, Google Developer Groups, meetups, or other organizations.

Are the Flight School events vetted by Google?

The Flight School events listed on this site are not vetted by Google.

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