Dart SDK Archive

Use this archive to download specific versions of the Dart SDK and the Dart API documentation.

Want to install Dart with your OS’s package manager? Go to the Dart SDK page.

Stable channel

The stable channel currently contains 1.x and earlier versions of Dart. We recommend using Dart 2 instead, which is available in the dev channel.

Version OS Bits Downloads
0.0.0 (rev 00000) Windows 64-width JSON-formatted API documentation

Dev channel

We strongly encourage you to use the most recent dev channel release, so that your code will work when Dart 2 is released to the stable channel. For more information, see the Dart 2 page.

Version OS Bits Downloads
0.0.0-dev.0.0 (rev 00000) Windows 64-width JSON-formatted API documentation

Download URLs

You can find the zip files at predictable URLs using the following pattern: