Installing Dart on Windows

Don’t want to use Chocolatey or a Windows installer? Another option is installing Dart manually.

Using a third-party installer

A Dart SDK installer for Windows is available and supported by the community. You can use the wizard to install stable or dev versions of the Dart SDK and Dartium.

Installing using Chocolatey

With Chocolatey, installing Dart is easy.

The dart package contains the Dart SDK, which includes the Dart VM, libraries, and command-line Dart tools such as dart, dartanalyzer, pub, and dartdoc. If you are doing web development, you should also add one more tool:

  • Dartium: A special build of Chromium that includes a Dart VM. Use it to interactively test and debug Dart web apps without first compiling them to JavaScript.

If you’re working on server-side Dart, all you need is the dart-sdk:

> choco install dart-sdk -version <version>
> choco install dartium  -version <version>

The current stable version is [calculating].

For more information on Chocolatey support for Dart, see: